Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you will find some of the commonly asked questions that clients want to know about our services.

General Questions

Do I need a request or authorization for service?

We must have a provider request and insurance/payer authorization prior to any diagnostic, invasive, or treatment/medication services. In most cases, this can be done after you schedule the appointment.

What information does my provider need to send?

Besides the initial order for treatment, the provider will need to send pertinent patient history and physical, medication list, lab values, x-ray reports, and diagnostic codes related to the condition.

Will you tell the patient the results of the test?

We do not diagnose, interpret, or recommend treatment for any medical condition. When a NCV is completed, the results will be transmitted to a neurologist and he will read the report and send it back with his interpretation. (similar to the way x-rays are read). In most cases, the report will be returned to us the same day and the patient will be able to take a paper copy with him. We will also transmit the results to the provider that requested the test. In the case of a treatment, a nursing assessment and record of the treatment will be sent to the provider.

4. Can I receive refills on my medication, or supplies?

We do not dispense medications or stock any medical supplies other the EMG/NCV electrodes and needles. The patient will need to bring his own medication and any supplies that will be needed for the treatment. If not sure of what supplies will be needed, please call and speak to the nurse or receptionist prior to the appointment.

What will happen if an emergency occurs during my treatment?

If an emergent situation occurs during your care, we will call 911 for an ambulance and you will be transported to the nearest hospital for emergency care. We will also inform the emergency contact you have listed on your medical record, and your primary care provider.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Call us at (478) 328-7975 as soon as you know you will need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We do not charge a fee for cancellations, just call to let us know in advance. Patients that do not show up for an appointment without calling two times may not be scheduled for a third appointment.

Do you take “walk-ins”?

That will depend on our schedule for that day. If we can treat the patient that day, he/she may have to wait for an extended time to be accommodated

Can I pay for services in cash, or out of pocket?

We do not accept cash at this office. We can accept a debit or credit card, or a personal check from a local bank.

Is on-line pre-check in or appointments available?

New patients can fill in some information on line to speed up the admission process, but there is some information that requires a signature. Return patients can complete most paperwork on line.

Important Information About Our Services

All services must have a request from their physician/primary care provider, and must bring their own personal supplies or medications. We cannot store supplies or dispense medications.

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